Ham or Eggs?

This isn’t my first rodeo in the blogosphere, but I’m hoping it will be my most successful. From  “Whiff Waff Wear” (c. 2006)  and “Jade in the Shade” (c. 2009) to “Cafe & Maté” (c. 2010) to “Hiding in Cafes” (c. 2012), the Internet is my closet filled with blog skeletons.


I’m a perfectionist, which can be a good thing when editing a document, and an awful thing when maintaining an informal blog, especially with a number of other writing assignments are vying for my attention. Borrowing a page from that tome of wisdom (preseason 4 “Grey’s Anatomy”), I’m resolving to make blogging the eggs and all other writing projects the ham.

In case you are unfamiliar with the ham/eggs metaphor, allow this clip to educate you. Basically, if you’re all in, you’re the ham and if you’re just “involved” but not committed, you’re the egg. No one wants two forms of ham for breakfast (and if you do, your heart is crying on the inside). I’m keeping this blog fun and light—like fluffed eggs—while the journalistic and long-form writing brings in the bacon.

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