A pen name, perchance


Dear writers,

Have you ever used or considered using a pseudonym? It’s a trend that has a long history: Mary Ann Evans as George Eliot; Eric Blair as George Orwell; and J.K. Rowling as Robert Galbraith. But as enduring as it may be, the art of adopting a different name has never been mainstream. It was more like an offbeat indie band that appeals to some, but never other.

A friend of mine who had a soft spot for romances joked that she and her sister had their genre names ready to go for when that first paperback was published.

I myself have a name or two in mind that I think would add a nice degree of anonymity, especially if I wanted to try something out of the ordinary.

What do you think? Is it a fun way to express different sides of yourself or experiment? Or do you prefer the consistency and solidity of your name?

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