Published Work

Science releases and clips

Seeds out of season (EurekAlert! Network, Jan. 5, 2015) New modeling framework elucidates the interaction between various life stages of a plant.

North Carolina researchers unveil a new center for evolutionary medicine (EurekAlert! Network, Nov. 21. 2014) The Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine (TriCEM) will support collaborative ventures between scientists, physicians, and other health-related experts.

Of gods and men (EurekAlert! Network, Nov. 10, 2014) Societies living in harsh environments are more likely to believe in moralizing gods.

@NESCent Newsletter (Fall 2014) Research highlights include the identification of the world’s largest-ever flying bird and the exploration of ancient fossils in Natural Trap Cave, Wyo. This ten-year anniversary edition also revisits past projects with updates and interviews. 

Some like it loud (EurekAlert! Network, Oct. 24, 2014) Warning coloration paved the way for louder, more complex calls in certain species of poisonous frogs.

Canary for Climate Change (EurekAlert! Network, Oct. 14, 2014) Researchers find a strong correlation between Northern Hemisphere seabird diversity and environmental stressors

Business Features

The Art of Fine Dining (FSR Magazine, December 2014) Cuisine may make the restaurant, but art certainly adds to the ambiance. Operators are commissioning artists, many local, to add a personal touch to their establishments.

Not the Same Old Thing (QSR Magazine, November 2014) Legacy quick-serve concepts blend the old with the new to revitalize their brand.

Brewing Winners with Tea & Coffee Cocktails (FSR Magazine, October 2014) New libations capitalize on quality tea and coffee for unexpected combinations.

Cultural Cues (QSR Magazine, October 2014) Internal culture changes can revitalize quick-serve operations.

Connecting the Dots (QSR Magazine, September 2014) New technology allows quick serves to improve supply chain traceability.

The Franchise Formula (QSR Magazine, July 2014) Small operators ready themselves for expansion through franchising.

Talk of the Town (QSR Magazine, June 2014) Brands localize their social media presence to foster a more authentic consumer interaction.

Think Global, Eat Local (QSR Magazine, May 2014) Regional flavors anchor quick-serve menus abroad.

The Healthcare Dilemma (QSR Magazine, April 2014) From its controversial rollout to its wide-reaching impact on individual healthcare plans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has dominated recent headlines. What has received less attention, however, is the law’s impact on the foodservice industry.

Fit Right In (QSR Magazine, March 2014) More quick-serve concepts are capitalizing on regional flair to make customers feel at home.

Around the Vend (QSR Magazine, February 2014) Brands find consumer interest, financial success in offshoot vending machines.

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